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  1. Steven from Florida

    I really love your work. You have a gift.

  2. So much talent. Your gift is a gift to us all. Cheers from USA.

  3. So beautiful, really something special!

  4. Truly incredible work. Don’t ever stop painting.

  5. Really incredible work!

  6. Probably the most delicately incredible artwork I’ve seen in the modern day. Absolutely incredible. You can’t stop looking at it.

  7. These are incredible, I hope to see more!

  8. I saw your art on reddit and I was stunned by your 2.5 years painting
    Awesome work

  9. Really breathtaking works, you’re amazing!

  10. You’re new shelf artwork is truly remarkable! Saw your son post it on reddit

  11. Wat gaat u met het werk doen? Ik vind het zelf erg mooi en ik denk dat uw jonge familieleden hier hun fantasie heerlijk op uit kunnen leven!

  12. Amazing work Gabriel. You have inspired me

  13. Unbelievable talent. Respect from Canada.

  14. I wish I could possess something so beautiful.

  15. Spectacular work. Wunderbar. Keep up the amazing work.

  16. Your paintings are fantastic, especially the shelf your son shared with us on Reddit. I wish you all the best. –Rob

  17. Aaron M (Florida)

    Wow! Incredibly talented.

  18. The toy shelves painting featured on Reddit is the most beautiful painting I’ve ever seen in my life. Not going to pretend I’ve seen many paintings or that I know much about art, but I know when something is incredible. I’ve probably looked through all the photos posted about 50 times by now and catch something new each time. Truly amazing.

  19. I’m truly amazed, these paintings really make me feel.

  20. Your Gallery is gorgeous; the skill and detail is incredible.

  21. I saw your story in boredpanda (I am not sure if you were aware). Your work it is prachtige 🙂 . Too bad I did not know about it when I was lived in Enschede. Let’s see when we come back. Beautiful work

  22. Beautiful work. You should consider making prints so more people could own art of this calibre. Truly stunning.

  23. Just observed your gallery, Gabriel, and, as a long-time artist myself, I am so impressed with your outstanding work! Like you, I am strongly drawn to the “trompe loeil” style and technique of expressing myself.
    Thank you for sharing your gift!

  24. really great work here! love every piece!

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